Prague to Langley Park..on the bright side, there aren’t any tourists…

Air travel can be the most marvelous way of connecting two places quickly. If everything falls in place, as it did yesterday, it’s almost pleasant. However, I’m digressing again…

Our flight to Newcastle wasn’t due to leave until early evening and Guy, the apartment owner said we could stay on past our check out time, as it was empty for the next couple of days. So we had a leisurely lie in and wandered down to the ‘Black Madona Cafe’ (that’s how they spell it) for an early lunch. The interior is wonderful and although the food was less so, at least we didn’t have to experience Macdonalds at the airport.

Our taxi arrived just before 4pm and we arrived at Vaclav Havel, Terminal 1 in plenty of time. Enough time certainly to be in the departure lounge when our inbound plane landed and disgorged mainly male passengers, some already dressed in drag, ready to hit the bars in Old Town Square…oh my..

We flew with Jet2 and while we can’t complain about the flight, it’s definitely cheap and cheerful. Anyway they got us to Newcastle two hours later and after we collected our hire car, we arrived at my mum’s in Langley Park, around 10pm.

So what are our thoughts on Prague? There can be no argument about it’s beauty and historical importance. It’s fascinating and we think there’s more to discover, especially as in the last couple of days we found some short cuts to avoid the crowds. Ah yes, the crowds..Prague relies on tourism, but so many only come for the major sights, perhaps because they have a short time in which to do it, or in the case of hen and stag parties, they aren’t really interested in anything other than cheap drink, partying and getting drunk…that’s being really cynical but not far from the truth in our opinion.

Would we return? Yes, in a heartbeat, but we’d get up early to walk round the major sights and over Charles Bridge, before the tourists make it an obstacle course filled with selfie sticks and long crocodiles of people who refuse to veer from their charted course. Maybe next year…slightly off season…

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