Lunch in a warehouse and decadent cocktails….

It was Susie’s birthday today and because we are in Prague, she wanted to celebrate in her own individual way. Lunch had been booked at SaSaZu an Asian street food themed restaurant. We had a longish tram ride, as it was on the other side of the river, in an old warehouse district. A market was taking place outside and, as we were early and it was baking hot we found a bench to rest on and reflect on the fact that markets really do sell similar tat no matter where you might be in Europe.

Luckily, the restaurant was only a short walk away and we entered a huge space, filled with tables and decorated in a style which made me think of a different sort of establishment..


However, the service was charming and speedy. We ordered some sharing courses which in the end proved too huge to be able to fit in a dessert too. Susie really enjoyed herself and it was one of the best meals we’ve had here. After the meal, our waitress trotted along with an indoor firework, a birthday card and a little present for Susie. It was a nice touch…(we shared the present later, it was a coconut tiramisu).

Catching a different tram, we headed off for the Belvedere Gardens, just above Prague Castle. These are really lovely, but I don’t think two hot and weary explorers were really in the mood to appreciate them, so after a short wander around we hopped on (no, not hopped. More like crawled on) yet another tram back to Narodni, from where we could walk back to the apartment. It was so hot, we had to stop for a cold drink, which we managed to buy, even though the grumpy waiter insisted on telling us every drink he didn’t have…

I don’t think we’ve felt as physically drained for quite a while, though it’s amazing what collapsing on the bed for an hour can do to revive your spirits. Talking of spirits, we’d recovered enough by this evening to visit the American Bar at the Municipal House It seemed fitting to have cocktails in a decadent setting to celebrate a birthday and mark our last full day in Prague. The bar is stunning, the barman really friendly and the drinks were fabulous….

Susie had a Martini with mint and cucumber and I had a classic Manhattan, though I should point out it wasn’t really that eyebrow raising, nor had it turned me a drink matching colour…

On slightly unsteady legs (we had two cocktails each) we made our way back here. The clouds were building and thunder wasn’t far away. The weather was breaking just in time for us to take our leave tomorrow. The taxi will collect us about 4pm and soon we’ll be jetting off to the exotic climes of Newcastle Airport….concluding thoughts about Prague in the next blog….

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