Italian gardens, Asian wedding photos and coffee in Fred’s hat..

Another warm day, so naturally we got on a hot, sticky, number 22 tram. We caught it at Narodni (which I’ve taken to calling Nah Rodney, as in Only Fools and Horses) and hopped off again near the Vrtba (Italian) Gardens. After paying our entry fee (there’s hardly anywhere in Prague that doesn’t involve cash being handed over to get in, even the public toilets) we passed through a heavy wooden door into another world. Laid out in a formal terraced style in the early 18th century, with the middle terrace crowned by statues of Greek gods.


Occupying several choice spots on the terraces were asian couples in full wedding outfits, having their hair and make up attended to, prior to a formal photo shoot. Apparently, they get married in their own country (China, Japan, South Korea) and bring their outfits here just for wedding photographs…

We managed all the way to the top and down again, made our leave and caught the tram back over the river. We walked onto Slovansky Ostrov, a small island in the river connected to the East bank via a couple of bridges. Stopping for lunch at Zofin Gardens we came back onto the riverside and headed off to the Dancing Towers, or Fred and Ginger…


Tancici Dum to give them their full name, are two blocks housing a hotel and office space. Luckily the hotel has a publicly accessible bar at the top of the left hand (curved) tower. So we popped in the lift and had a satisfying coffee in the bar, followed by a stroll round the veranda on the right hand side, which offered stunning views over the river and Prague itself..


Coming back down to earth, we ambled back to the apartment and got ready for dinner at Sansho. We were slightly disappointed with a couple of the dishes there (octopus in it’s own ink, a very strong flavour) However, the chef noticed we hadn’t eaten that part of the dish, so he replaced it with a lovely mackerel salad, in a jasmine tea marinade. Dessert was a real surprise, sticky toffee pudding!! We thought the chef and his staff were lovely but perhaps the cuisine wasn’t to our taste. We’d intended to call in for a cocktail at the Americky Bar but it was late by the time we left the restaurant and we were again tired.

A big day tomorrow as it’s Susie’s birthday…a lunch at SaSaZu and a trip to the Belvedere Gardens….and we intend to have that cocktail too!!!

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