It’s too darn hot….

By the time we arrived at the Black Madonna cafe for our walking tour this morning it was already very warm, so we were actively seeking shade and doing our best to avoid being trampled underfoot by the many large groups walking past.

Insight Cities provided the tour and Bonita was our knowledgeable and engaging guide. For the next three hours, she walked our group of six past (and into) some of the most stunning Art Nouveau and Cubist buildings in Prague. Having now visited Obecni Dum (Municipal House) and seen the jaw dropping interiors, Susie and I intend to visit the Americky Bar in there and have a cocktail. Here’s just a sample from Municipal House..


Though the tour was engrossing, by the time three hours were up we were all flagging. Leaving us close to Cafe Louvre  Bonita said goodbye and we decided to have a light lunch in there. I only wish we’d visited earlier this trip. Good food and elegance with period interiors and a welcome chance to sit down and have a cool drink.

Refreshed a little, we came back to the apartment and promptly slept for an hour or so. These wrinklies must have an afternoon nap before sallying forth to do battle with the throngs on Old Town Square. Our dining choice this evening was La Finestra , unsurprisingly an Italian themed restaurant with a menu to match. A welcoming ambiance and friendly service, plus excellent cuisine made this one of the top three meals we’ve had in Prague. A table in the middle was occupied by eight gentlemen, who grew a little louder as the empty bottles of wine stacked up on the side table next to them. I did wonder if, given the motif of the restaurant, they were discussing in whose bed the head of a horse should appear next. However, there was no sign of a mumbling Marlon Brando type Don, so I’ll have to conclude they were merely happy diners, with a proclivity for fine wine…and amaretto….and grappa..

We strolled back along still warm streets, skirting the edge of Old Town Square which was still filled with tourists. Tomorrow we will attempt to find the elusive gardens we missed the other day. Hopefully a tram ride will assist us…all aboard the 22 to Hellichova…move right inside and hold tight please..

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