Didn’t see Fred and Ginger but heard Gershwin…

Today we were supposed to tour Terezin, the Nazi concentration camp but it was baking hot again and to be honest, we were both tired out.

As an alternate, our tired feet lead us to M&S once more, where we bought crisps, crumpets and hot cross buns…as you do in Prague in sweltering Summer heat. It took us a while to get back to the apartment, dodging into the shade, which was made easier by a lack of tourists.

We had plans to walk down onto one of the islands in the Vltava, then on to the Dancing Houses, high rise offices and apartments which are likened to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. However, none of this came to pass, we really didn’t have the energy. This photo is of Havelka taken from the southern end after we ventured out this afternoon..


We mooched around a few streets and found a short cut to Narodni where we can catch a tram to the gardens we missed out on the other day. Luckily, one of the shortcuts runs through a square with a cafe, where we availed ourselves of some cold drinks. A strawberry and mint lemonade for Susie and a coffee frappe, with chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for me….(they weren’t nice, honestly)


Then it was time for our Gershwin concert at the Spanish Synagogue this evening. The concert was very good and given by members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, with a string quintet and solo trumpet. Not sure the brass worked that well, the acoustics in the synagogue seemed to work against it. It lasted and hour and after we strolled over to Yami Sushi for dinner. Well, it had to happen. Our luck with restaurants ran out tonight. I’m not posting photos, suffice to say the fish was stale, my pork in breadcrumbs, tough and chewy and the rice which tasted of nothing, had obviously been overcooked (probably in the microwave). Our walk back over Old Town Square at least cheered us up a bit, the light was just perfect for atmospheric photos..

Anyway, here we are ready for bed, chewing indigestion tablets and looking forward to our tour tomorrow…Art Nouveau and Cubist Architecture – Prague after 1900. Bet that’s laugh a minute…

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