Stansted or Stan-shed…

It’s funny how your day can begin well and give you hope that what follows will be as good or better. We got up with the alarm and had a nice breakfast, then collected our cases and headed off to the terminal. It was downhill from then on…

We’d paid for a fast track through security, which did actually mean a much shorter queue. However, Susies medication was subject to tests and verfication of her prescription. They all passed, though the security guard failed to do up the bottles properly as we found out when we unpacked here. Then we had an interminable enforced ‘wander’ or cattle herding through the delights of duty free shopping. Once free of that, we located our distant departure gate. Standing in the priority boarding queue, the ground crew processed us quickly then left us all standing in a sweltering stairwell for twenty minutes while they found a plane for us to board. Most of the passengers were seated, albeit three that were missing and another young lady who quickly vacated her seat when she discovered she was on the wrong plane..We took off 30 minutes late.

Prague was far easier. Passport control was tolerably speedy and after a quick break for the restroom we located our prebooked taxi which took us to this apartment. It’s superbly renovated and in a 13th century building, right next to a market. After meeting up with the keyholder and being given a quick tour (large bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and a separate cloakroom, plus a terrace) we popped out for a light lunch and a trip to Tescos for some shopping…Yes, Tescos…in Prague….

On the way back I spotted the famous sculpture of Kafka’s head, which rotates and aptly metamorphoses at the same time….


We snoozed for a while when we returned and got ready for dinner…..then as per usual got lost on the way. Ending up in completely the wrong direction we rang the restaurant to cancel, only to be told we hadn’t reserved a table anyway (even though Susie had booked over the phone). As fate would have it, we had ended up opposite Portfolio which we’d booked for Friday’s dinner. Luckily they had a free table and we cancelled Fridays reservation. After two bites of Susie’s scallop starter, she asked them to book us in on Friday too…great food and friendly warm service. The venison in a port and rose hip sauce was divine…


It was dark by the time we got back to the apartment, completely tired out…until tomorrow of course….but more of that anon…..

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