Guiness and burger at Blu…

That’s the Radisson Blu at Stansted Airport before you ask and not a spelling mistake. So, here we are off on another exploration. Our house/pet sitter Liz dropped us off at Dinard Airport this evening. Thanks to Ryanair’s flight times we couldn’t get to Prague other than via an early morning (8:05am) departure, hence we have decamped to the aformentioned hotel for the night.

It’s actually not a bad hotel and certainly a level above the Hilton at Orly. Mainly glass and centered on a large angular atrium you can people watch as the guests work their way, ant like, from the lifts to their rooms. There’s a bar in the centre, with a huge, glass sided above ground wine cellar. A sylph like young lady ascends the interior supported on two wires, choosing your wine whilst performing balletic acrobatics. It sounds a bit naff but was actually very elegant and entertaining. Sadly the lighting was too odd to get a photograph.

Now, we did have lunch at Amanda’s before catching the plane, however the time difference must have worked some magic on our stomachs and we managed to force down another meal. A curry for Susie and a burger and fries for me (and yes, I indulged in a pint of Guiness)

Our alarm is set for silly o’clock tomorrow and luckily the breakfast buffet is open before we leave. Now come on, we have to starve from then till we get to our apartment in Prague and we’re certainly not paying for something to eat on the plane…

Next blog from Prague..time for bed…

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