Alice in our wonderland…

Alice, our Kiwi helpxer has departed and thanks to her efforts, she leaves behind a large flower and fruit bed, constructed from stones ‘borrowed’ from an old tumbledown barn here…..


We dropped Alice off in Vitre to spend overnight in a hotel, then catch a train to Paris the next day. Because we adore Vitre, we couldn’t pass up the chance to show it off and took Alice on a short tour. (Before you worry that we starved today, I should state here that this was after lunch at L’Aromate).

We strolled up to the chateau and found a couple of wedding ceremonies underway in the Marie which is situated in the chateau courtyard. As France is a secular country, you are married by the Maire, in a civil ceremony, before a church blessing. The latter wedding party were waiting in the courtyard. This seemed to be a steam punk themed event with a mauve palette. I loved their wedding car…..


The figure to the right, in the Blues Brothers outfit and long braided hair, was I think, the mother of the bride. You’ll notice everyone else (bar the groom, with the top hat and double breasted jacket) wearing white and standing in the shade, whilst all in black, she is soaking up the sun….

In due course, they went inside for their ceremony and the first party assembled on the steps outside the Marie for a group photograph. The official photographer became very animated trying to assemble all the guests and coordinating them to all smile at the same time……’dit fromage, tout le monde’???


We left to explore a little further and Alice was as enchanted with Vitre as we are. She intends to return on Sunday to visit the museum before catching her train. Incidentally, it’s the same train that our Aussie house and petsitter arrives on. Yes, we are picking her up at Vitre….and yes we’ll be having lunch….always best to start off on the right foot don’t you think?

Footnote : I’d forgotten that we are soon to be guests at a French wedding. Early in July, the son of our neighbours is getting married and we are invited to celebrate with them. I hope that doesn’t involve driving in convoy round and round the village, blowing your car horns……………

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