Previewing Prague..A Bohemian rhapsody or raspberry?

With all due deference to Freddie Mercury, I’m neither poor, no longer a boy and I don’t think I need sympathy. On reflection, I think we can also rule out a raspberry. Prague is without doubt a beautiful city, even if the Astronomical Clock is currently clothed in scaffolding and safety netting, which I’ve been observing here.

We have plans to explore many different sights other than the popular ones. I’d really like to see the metamorphosing steel head of Kafka. There is a trip to Terezin, the concentration camp outside the city. We’re going to a Gershwin concert in the Spanish Synagogue, the design of which was based on the Alhambra in Granada.

Susie also has a significant birthday while we are in Prague. She has chosen this place, SaSaZu to celebrate it. Susie has spoken to the manageress by phone and she will have a drink with us on the night. That’s probably before another multi course tasting menu. I don’t know what else Susie has arranged for this particular evening, but I hope it excludes dancing girls, fire eaters and clowns with oversize shoes and exploding cars…

The restaurant is a tram ride away, over the river. I’ve checked the area out on Google Earth. It reminds me of those light industrial estates, that in the UK, are usually split into units and populated with tyre fitters and discount tile suppliers. Needless to say these particular buildings in Prague are more stylish than their British counterparts, though I have my suspicions that the restaurant was originally a tram shed.

Nonetheless, excitement is building here. I believe that suitcases are already packed. We can hardly wait to spend overnight in one of Stansteds well appointed airport hotels before (thanks to Ryanair) flying out early the next day. Oh, the giddy heights of luxury we experience…

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