Czech?…check please!!

The weather has been super here, so I’ve been wearing my fedora and undertaking a little gardening. I even awarded myself an actual feather in my cap to mark my successful efforts. Not too much gardening you understand, as I had dozens of restaurant reviews to write for Trip Advisor. How else am I going to achieve my ‘Restaurant Critic Level 16’ badge? Thank goodness I’ve been writing this blog and taking photos, otherwise I’d never remember the 12th or 13th course we had in such and such a place.

You may be surprised that I’m actually able to exert myself. Thanks to light meals at home (I actually had a salad today) I’ve managed to walk, bend over to attend to the flower beds and get upright again without assistance. A short stroll takes me to the garden furniture where I can sit down and recuperate.

However food has, like a crouton surfacing in a bowl of gazpacho, come back to the top of our busy agenda. Susie has been researching our dining options in Prague. She drew up a list of recommended restaurants. She rang and emailed. She got confirmations of reservations. In short our stomachs are sorted….

Thankfully there don’t appear to be many ‘tasting menus’ on offer. I was dreading the idea of going back into training for the gourmet equivalent of an Ironman Triathlon. I’m not sure my system could have coped with another onslaught of twenty plus courses each evening. Susie has managed to locate a varied range of restaurants, from Sushi to Italian and others with intriguing names like Chilli Point, or Field. I’ve checked by the way and the latter is actually in a building….I wouldn’t put anything past Susie.

One thought on “Czech?…check please!!

  1. Candy Korb

    Love the fedora! Will be interested to hear about your experiences in Prague. Mine were not so great, only because of bad weather and exhaustion on my part. Will definitely go back! Have a wonderful time!


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