Back in the old routine…

We were very lucky to find two lovely house sitters in Richard and Jeanette. Not only did they keep the house safe, cherish and love all the pets and even care for the pests (our two geese). They also went as far as to make us a Mexican meal when we arrived home on Thursday evening and a super chicken curry on Friday. Oh, there you go, I’m talking food again…

They left early on Saturday morning for Saint Sebastian in Spain and their next pet sit. We’ll see them again in October when we go to Seville and Cordoba (sorry, bit of a spoiler there). We then followed our usual weekend timetable. Going to L’Aromate on Saturday, catching up with our friends there and had lunch at L’Abbaye on Sunday.

We felt a bit chilly after Spanish temperatures, though luckily today (Monday) is a lot warmer, I’m even wearing my white fedora, which didn’t see much use in Spain. I’m very fond of it, though will stop short of keeping it on when showering.

It shouldn’t be possible to suffer with jet lag when you don’t cross time zones but that’s how I feel. I have this theory that holidays are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, with leisurely 24 course evening meals. So why do I feel like I’ve been on some sort of 14 day assault course? Never mind, I think a few sizzling sausages will go some way to making both of us feel better…oh come on, it is supposed to be a food blog…

2 thoughts on “Back in the old routine…

  1. margaret21

    I can’t believe you wanted to go out to eat so soon after the holiday you’ve had. I’d have thought a nice bit of home cooking would be just what your exhausted stomachs need! Glad all is well on the home front xx

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