Not tourists….explorers.

We hadn’t much to do this morning, except for a stroll to the UPS office to dispatch Susie’s hand written research and a couple of books back home rather than filling up an extra suitcase…

We’d arranged to meet a friend and his partner for lunch at L’Eggs. A resident of Tarragona, Herman stayed with us through Helpx a voluntary exchange organisation where you provide board and lodgings and the helper their skills and labour. We’d had a great time hosting Herman and it was wonderful to catch up with him and meet his attractive and charming partner Monica. They came back here for some chocolate cake and cava and left a couple of hours later. To be honest we were nodding off, oldies that need their siesta I guess.We hope to see them again next time.

Well, we are almost packed and ready for the off tomorrow. We’re not leaving the apartment till 11am so will have a few lingering hours to savour the memories we have stored here before hailing a taxi, boarding the bus to the airport and flying back to Orly.

We’d discussed tourism and it’s inherent problems with Reuben, (the handbag shop man) before. We dislike tourists, at least the loud, uncouth and unsympathetic ones. We’ve concluded that we are not tourists but explorers, with inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge. We know from some graffiti that a minority of locals aren’t persuaded to welcome tourists either. It won’t put us off and plans are being hatched for next year already.

So which destination can you next expect reports of dodgy lifts and dynamic dinners from? Prague and Durham in June then Seville and Cordoba in October. I can hear my tummy rumbling already….

The blog will continue, relating life’s little adventures in rural France and our gourmet excursions. Perhaps it won’t be as frequent but you can’t get rid of us completely. From Barcelona, adios…

2 thoughts on “Not tourists….explorers.

  1. Candy Korb

    I agree. This is why I wish I could come up with a passable English accent when in London – so I don’t get mentally lobbed in with the annoying, loud, American tourists! I like the term ‘explorer’. People kept saying “why are you staying in Krakow so long, when there are so many other interesting cities in Poland?”. But by staying, I got a real feel for the city, found a few places I could call favourites, and definitely know where to stay when I return!

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