Which came first? Celeri Fried Chicken or L’Eggs?

I’ll explain about the title when I get to tonight’s epicurian delights. What?..You thought there was going to be a blog without some gourmet dishes adding to our waistlines? Shame on you!!

There was industrial action on the Metro this morning so we strolled down to our tour of Casa Batllo, probably the most visited Gaudi site after Sagrada Familia. I must admit that I find wandering round houses (though this one is spectacular) not really to my taste. Casa Batllo has however managed to make this experience even less fun. You are given headphones with which to hear the ‘visit’ in a language of your choosing and a smart phone to see a virtual reality version of how the house used to look. This is all quite isolating and well, just darn strange. Dozens of visitors wandering round trying to juggle headphones, small screens and their own phone or photographic equipment. We all moved from room to room in a strange trance like procession, bumping into one another as we became engrossed, not in the ‘experience’ but in trying not to drop any of the devices. I gave up watching the screen and listening to the audio after room 5…

It is a stunning design and I’ve struggled to find a photo to do it justice but…


We were back out after 45 minutes, which was more than enough for me. It must be like Hell on earth come August.

We managed to catch a metro down to our next stop, the chocolate museum. Striking metro drivers apparently only stop during rush hours. I don’t know what it is with us and chocolate on this trip. First our chocolate tour doesn’t happen, our chocolate and churros was second rate (yes we have high standards, so what?) and then the chocolate museum turns out to be a bit stale. Not well thought out, wrong information or badly explained exhibits. It even has a statue of Lionel Messi, the Barcelona soccer player in chocolate. Yes, it’s that naff…Thankfully it occupied only a half hour of our time…

Next we managed to get a little lost, I blame the map not my infamous sense of direction. However we eventually located the Born Centre Cultural, in which we hoped to see some Roman excavations. It shuts Mondays. Nevertheless, we shall return to it in another blog.

By this time we were both hot, sticky, tired and frustrated so we hopped on a Metro just before the start of the rush hour and came back to the apartment. Wouldn’t you know it, we had a table reserved for dinner, strange how that seems to happen with great frequency.

Our destination this evening was Celeri, a fair walk away so we hailed a cab. Celeri is a wonderful tapas style place, with an open kitchen, friendly staff and a lovely ambiance.


The food’s quite good too..no, who am I kidding? The food is stunning. They use fresh organic ingredients and it shows. Oh, the title…one of their dishes (which we had) is titled, ‘Celeri Fried Chicken’ and as we’d already been to L’eggs….

The two desserts we had, a blood orange souffle with orange sorbet (which we shared) and a Madong chocolate creme brulee with chocolate/chilli ice cream were, well just look at the photos..



The souffle was probably the best dessert I’ve ever had and the creme brulee a close second. A really magical night which probably only added a kilo or so…

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