Probably plumper after Pakta…

For our dining pleasure (and your amusement or perhaps envy)  this evening we had reservations at Pakta, a Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant.

The interior is small and we were seated side by side, overlooking an open kitchen. We chose the Pakta Spring menu, a 24 dish tasting dinner….yes, you did read that correctly, 24 delightful, well balanced, inventive dishes….For those doubters out there (I know who you are!!) here is the menu…


After our meal, we were given the menu (a copy each) in an envelope. It also lists the chefs, kitchen staff and waiting staff…very classy.

We were overlooking the area where head pastry chef, Alba was preparing desserts. One of them involved shaving frozen coconut with a huge device…


It would be hard to pick a stand out dish, so here are a couple of examples…



That’s the ‘Bocado de la Reina’ at the top and one of our desserts, Humita with coffee toffee and chocolate ice cream with cinammon.

We rolled home just before Midnight. I use the word ‘rolled’ advisedly. It was however an outstanding meal….a trip to the beach tomorrow, possibly with lunch..

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