L’Eggs for lunch..then the afternoon got a little scrambled..

We did enjoy our lunch at L’Eggs. Not only did it give our ever expanding stomachs a rest as it was only three courses, but it was delicious. Our mains were a chicken tajine for Susie and a hamburger with a fried (L) egg on top for me…..


Although the meeting place for our early evening chocolate tour (actually make that our expensive, exclusive, interactive, hands on chocolate tour) was just up the street, we thought it best to go back to our apartment and chill out for a while…

We turned up at Casa Fuster (a very posh hotel with so many uniformed concierges they formed a veritable army) just before 5pm and met up with our tour guide outside….Only it wasn’t our promised tour guide. She was in Germany on family business and this was her substitute. Then it got worse….we couldn’t do any of the chocolate tempering, writing with chocolate and other interactive parts of the tour because they had a problem with Godiva where we were supposed to do this. She also couldn’t guarantee that the Japanese chocolatier would be there either. We were offered the chance to sample some delicious chocolate cake by recompense……

Susie was annoyed..very annoyed..’this wasn’t the tour I booked’ she said. If that was a Jedi mind trick, it didn’t work. The girl rang Chris, the tour operator on her phone and handed it to Susie so she could speak to her personally. In the end, we cancelled the tour and were promised a refund. A bit dejected we set off towards Diagonal in search of a little chocolate therapy (it’s like retail therapy but sweeter).

We called in to a chocolate and churros bar on the way back which was average to say the least. It’s recommended apparently…probably by our misguided guide…

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