An experience not to be repeated..

We dined at the ‘Santa Rita Experience’ last night. It’s a restaurant in the chef’s apartment. The living space has been converted into a dining area for about 20 people at shared tables and decorated in a ‘shabby chic’ manner. There’s an open kitchen and the chef comes round to your table to explain each course. So far, so good….

We were seated with an English couple, who were quite pleasant but grew increasingly merry during the evening as they attempted to keep up with the wine pairings for each course. Of course, us being angels with polished halos, stuck to fruit juice.

The dishes were good without being spectacular. There was a cold soup which was Susie’s highlight and I enjoyed the lamb course (one of about seven I think).

The toilet was a modern frosted glass thing without a lock on the door and sadly had tissues left on the floor after clients had washed their hands. It was all a bit scruffy and we’d suggest a bit overpriced for what was on offer.

Because the ‘experience’ was not right in the city centre we had a metro ride home with two changes. So by the time we’d walked back to our apartment it was well after 12:30am.

I’m writing this the morning after and pouring rain has put paid to our plans before noon. We have an umbrella but would still get soaked walking to our tour of Casa Amatller. I hope it stops, although only a plague of locusts would stop us going out for lunch…..which is at L’Eggs….more of that anon..

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