Markets, Marilyn and Susie goes shopping

There was a change of plans this morning. We thought we’d go down to La Boqueria and wander through the market, taking our time to peruse the wares. Just us and 2,000 other tourists. It was too much for both of us, noisy and crowded. Luckily I found one guy who seemed to be enjoying it as much as me..


Coming out of the market I spied a Marilyn lookalike standing on a balcony, letting a fan blow a draft up her knickers. Poor girl, I hope they provide her with thermals..


Trying desperately to get away from the tourist hordes, we wandered around the Gothic Quarter and the cathedral. Truthfully we were both quite grumpy. Susies cure was some retail therapy.

Last year we found a small boutique shop It Reminds Me Of Something, which is full of offbeat and beautiful items by Spanish artisans. After getting lost for a while we found it again. The manager is a lovely chap and is ready to stand and chat about both the items in his shop and life in Barcelona. Susie had spied a handbag last year and now was determined to buy one. Designed by Monica Juvera, this is it and it’s made from one piece of leather…


We chatted about our holiday and were recommended to visit a couple of places. While Susie’s purchase was being wrapped I noticed a stunning photo in the window. I couldn’t tell whether it was a photo or a print that had been hand tinted. We got the story..

It had been taken by Jaime Vilato, who had become a photographer at 80 and now in his mid 90’s is producing incredible work. You can read more about him on the shop website. What that doesn’t tell you is that Jaime is Picasso’s nephew…

We got lost again and ended up near the beach but managed to hop on a Metro and wandered back to the flat. We’re off out for dinner again at 9pm…it’s in someones flat…more in our next exciting episode.

3 thoughts on “Markets, Marilyn and Susie goes shopping

  1. sonnetpete

    Susie likes the Gothic Quarter because of it’s Jewish heritage. It’s ok if you don’t mind being trampled underfoot by tourists following someone waving a silly flag. In Girona we saw one such group following a guide with an EU flag. I did remark that there’d be no British tourists in that group of course…


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