Hola Barcelona…

The journey from our apartment in Girona to the taxi stand went relatively smoothly. Even getting a taxi was uneventful. Then we found out they’d moved the bus station. I mean it’s still in Girona, but now it’s round the back of the railway station not out front as it was five days ago. Sometimes the Spanish can be so inconsiderate…

However once we discovered the entrance, buying a ticket and boarding the bus was quite simple. The journey didn’t even seem as long as we remembered. The bus dropped us off at the main bus station here and once we’d figured out where the exit was (and I’d spent a penny in possibly the worst public loos in Barcelona) we were in another taxi and before you knew it we were here in Gracia.

The apartment is on the fifth floor and has a small roof terrace with a view over to Montjuic Castle. This place seems bijou but is well laid out and perfectly adequate for a couple. We’ve been out for bread and found the supermarket Edouard the owner recommends. All within five minutes walk. The supermarket is one of the best we’ve seen in Barcelona, with a deli counter of both meat and cheese and a fresh fish counter too. You might guess we may not need groceries, but you never know….our restaurant selections are not inexhaustible….though we have got reservations at a Mediterranean/Japanese fusion place at 9pm Must go, another day, another gourmet meal….

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