Goodbye Girona…

I’m writing this on the morning that we depart for Barcelona. Think of me pushing the case down the street, over the bridge and across the square to the taxi rank…

Yesterday we explored the ‘call’ or old Jewish quarter. Full of narrow stepped alleys, where you can see evidence of how the Jewish houses had more modern homes built on top of them.

After, we walked down to the tourist office to find information about calling a taxi. The young man (possibly 12 years old and certainly not shaving yet) tried to help, gave us a number to ring, then suggested we go to the taxi rank outside the Post Office to book one.

We ambled over (here I must point out that practically nothing in Girona is more than 30 minutes walk from the river) but there was no office, just taxis and their drivers to talk to. The gist of it was that we should ring 15 minutes beforehand and then he couldn’t pick us up at the door, we’d have to walk down the street. So we decided it would be better to push the case to the taxi rank and go to the bus station from there.

On the way back to the apartment, my shoelace just happened to come loose outside the ice cream shop, so naturally we had to enter the shop to do it up….well, you can guess the next bit..


After a couple of hours back at the apartment we got ready for our farewell dinner at Massana a Michelin starred restaurant. Yes, it lived up to it’s billing. I’ve never seen prettier food…


While I’m writing this Susie is sorting and packing and doing 90% of the cleaning ladies job for her and we’ll be out of here in an hour or so. We’ll both be sad to leave Girona, it’s a beautiful city and we’re determined to return….Next stop Barcelona…

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