‘La Poma’….unforgettable

Susie had chosen La Poma for a meal yesterday, simply on the basis that it was one of the few restaurants that stayed open on Sunday evening. We’d walked past the day before (it’s literally 5 minutes from this apartment) and to be frank, thought it looked cramped and pokey.

What’s the saying? Never judge a book by it’s cover? How wrong we were….

We were the only customers but the manager (also our waiter) was warm and welcoming. After choosing the 7 course sharing and tasting tapas menu plus ordering drinks, he suggested we change tables so it would be easier to serve us. It was also opposite the small bar so he could stand and chat and take the featured photo. We ended up with a bottle of water, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of potent beer for me and two Kir like cocktails….(we didn’t finish the wine)

This wasn’t Michelin starred cuisine, but it had interesting flavours and had been created with fresh ingredients by a chef with a clever palette. Above all the dishes had been cooked with love and care which is by far the most important consideration. We’d ordered Iberian pork as a main. It came in four large chunks with a lovely creamy sauce, no skin, gristle or bones. The two sharing desserts were wonderful, a soft chocolate gateau, a little runny in the middle with a fine ‘creme anglaise’ and a mandarin sorbet with a sweet sticky strawberry sauce which I managed to dribble down my T shirt. The whole meal was just like hearty home cooking.

Through all of the meal our waiter/manager took the time to explain about the courses, and Susie began chatting to him in Spanish. We found out he was from Honduras where his parents still lived, his wife was Brazilian, he loved Portugal and he had three children. We even ended up looking at photos of his kids that were on his phone…

It was well after 10pm when we finished our coffees and got ready to leave. A couple came in and asked him if it was too late to order food. I could see he really wasn’t keen on the idea, but he smiled, seated them at a table and gave them menus…this is one place we’d not hesitate in recommending and returning to….

We’ve brought quite a few of his business cards to leave at the apartment. If you can spare the time it’s worth clicking on the link at the top which is to their Facebook page. The lovely photos there gives a better flavour of the place than just looking at a menu…

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