Spanish trains, taxis and Castell Gala

Our meal at Munchen last night was very nice but not up to the standard thus far. The restaurant’s decor was…well, a little OTT. Elton John would love it, all velvet sofas and cushions with crown motifs. It was on two floors and we were served by the chefs wife, who was a little over attentive and a tad stressed that she only had us and another two or three tables booked for the whole evening. Sadly the lighting was so intimate as to make photographing any of the courses nigh on impossible. Anyway, our dishes arrived pretty quickly and when we’d settled the bill and were leaving she took the trouble to come outside to say goodbye. Maybe she was going to tout for customers on the pavement as well…

So today was our trip to Pubol to look round Castell Gala, the home of Salvador Dali’s wife, Gala. We caught a train from Girona which took 12 minutes to get to Flaca where we thought a line of taxis would be waiting…but this is Spain on a Sunday.A couple of anxious phonecalls later and we were assured one would be there in five minutes…and it was.. Another 10 minutes and he dropped us off at the museum with a promise to collect us in a couple of hours.

The Castell is a fascinating insight into the life of both Dali and his wife, through his works and the personal effects displayed. Some of the exhibits show Dali’s surreal influence and are (like Munchen’s decor) somewhat OTT. This is Gala’s throne..


and this, a chess set based on castings of human digits…


Two hours proved to be more than enough time for the visit and we were dropped off with five minutes to spare for the train back to Girona. I think we’ve decided to get the coach to Barcelona on Tuesday. It may take longer but I think the three steps to get into the train carriage may defeat me and the case, even if it does have four wheels…

It’s been our warmest day thus far in Spain, so we wandered slowly back to the apartment and will be taking it easy until later when we may well have another reservation for dinner…

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