Arab baths, museums and munching in Munchen.

Last night we dined at Nu, yet another great gastronomic experience. The stand out course being this :


Cubes of foie gras, on a bed of chocolate crumb, with toffee shards and a banana ice cream. Yes it sounds completely wacky but it was delicious.

Today, we didn’t have a clear objective, so headed off to see the Arab baths. Just outside the old Jewish quarter and past the cathedral, the baths are surrounded by lovely gardens. The tourist pictured was pondering whether or not to have a quick dip…


Afterwards we wandered through the gardens and found a square below where we had obviously missed todays public execution.


Opposite we spotted another valiant attempt to solve the housing shortage in Girona, this time in detached, roofless and windowless accommodation..


Crossing the river we had a small tapas lunch at Bubbles which has won awards for it’s gastro tapas. It was lovely and we may go back..

Leaving Bubbles (no, we hadn’t been eating soap) we headed for the Cinema Museum. Well set out, loads of interactivity, costumes from the movies and moreover cheap admission….

On the way back to the apartment, my belt got caught in the door of the ice cream shop so it seemed churlish not to pop in and sample some more.

We’re now resting our tired feet (and stomachs) ready for dinner later. It’s at Munchen and will have to go some to equal what we’ve had so far…report tomorrow.

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