Girona, a feast in every way..

Our meal last night was incredible. Each course complemented the next and blew you away with it’s taste and presentation. I think this fish course was so attractively put together on the plate :

IMG_20170504_212427[1] We had to be up reasonably early this morning as we were meeting the director of the Jewish Museum which luckily is but a few steps away on the opposite side of the street. It’s a lovely place, well set out, informative but at the same time intimate. The director was lovely, giving us (well Susie) a half hour to chat with her.

We came back and had a snack sort of lunch, though not without sampling some of the chocolate available locally :


Suitably refreshed we explored this afternoon, down to the river, along to the tourist office and good heavens, we found a renowned ice cream shop as well :


It’s baked apple with toppings of shortbread, candied apple and caramel jelly. It was terrible, I could only finish the one tub. Walking further we were looking for the old city walls to walk along and we came across workmen erecting these in the trees :


Personally I think they are Gironas answer to the local housing shortage. Great in the summer, but a bit drafty in the winter.

Back to the apartment after quick trip to the local Spar shop for bread and water…no, it’s not our diet for the next couple of days, the bread is for sandwiches and the water for the kettle as the local tap water is very scummy and not nice. Guess what? We have reservations for dinner at 9pm…oh dear, what a hard life!!

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