Girona and the snoring senor..

Getting to Orly, checking in, going through security and flying here just couldn’t have been easier. Maybe it was just our luck. At any rate we found and boarded the bus at Barcelona airport for Girona in a matter of minutes from exiting the airport terminal.

There were only four passengers on the bus, the two of us and a young couple across the aisle. Poor guy, he was obviously tired, as he dropped off to sleep once we hit the autoroute, and kept us awake with his snores till we got to the bus station here. At one point I was worried about the bus windscreen shattering, such were the decibels produced.

Anyway we got here intact save for slight damage to our eardrums and found a taxi straightaway. Helpfully he dropped us off a mere 100 metres away from the apartment, leaving me to push a 19kg suitcase uphill over cobbles. The apartment is superb, even if it is laid out over three floors with a spiral staircase. As a taster, here’s the living room ceiling…


…..and the view of the building opposite from our balcony :

IMG_20170504_183307We had a quick walk round when we got settled (really to find somewhere to buy something for breakfast) and came back via the cathedral steps, where I noticed strange things happening. Imagine an old Western, where the bank robbers decide to break one of their accused mates out of jail by tying their horses to the bars and yanking them off the wall. Well this is how they try to do that in Girona…


After watching them for a few minutes we decided they weren’t realistically going to achieve much so we walked away. In any case we had a table booked at Divinum so needed to get back to the apartment and out again. The meal was divine….and you’ll have to wait till the next blog for a report as it’s gone midnight and I’m falling asleep….

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