Not early at Orly….

We thought it was going to be an uneventful trip to Orly. Largely it was until we got near to the airport, a broken down car and two accidents soon ground us to escargot pace, reminding us both of the M25 on one of it’s better days, when it doesn’t actually stop entirely. A slight diversion thanks to a misunderstanding with the satnav and we arrived, car safely parked, luggage in our room. It’s not a bad room though a bit featureless as you’d expect in a chain hotel..

We had an uninspired dinner at the hotel and even though the girl serving us was efficient and totally charming, it was expensive for what it was. The view from the dining room window was equally uninspiring..



In need of some refreshing I think….Anyway we’ll both have an early night, alarm is set for 7:15 in the morning, then breakfast and catch the shuttle to the terminal. I’ll leave you with the view from our room window..excuse the red blob, I was covering the flash with my thumb so it wouldn’t reflect off the glass. The green blurry blobs on the right are taxis waiting for fares….


Next blog from Girona…

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