…..and our double P’s

…which stands for ‘posh places’ of course. To explain, these are restaurants for special occasions.

We’ve had lunch today at one of them, Au Bon Accueil. No, it wasn’t really a special occasion but we have been there for meals on Xmas Day and New Years Eve. Situated in Juvigny sous Andaine, we generally have lunch there before Susie has an appointment at her hairdressers in Bagnoles, which I guess could be classed as a special occasion. Run by a lovely husband and wife team, the cuisine is always inventive and delicious. Another place where we seem to be part of the family.

La Toque Aux Vins was chosen because of it’s closeness to the eye clinic in Avranches. Strange but true, it was another case of us not being able to go somewhere without lunch first. It’s a very modern, open establishment with an outdoor seating area for the summer. Outstanding service from reception to table. The food is wonderful as is the decor, with sculptures dotted about the dining room. The toilets are exceptional, I’d give them 11/10 if I could.

L’Eveil Des Sens in Mayenne, bucks our rule of thumb. We had no need to go to Mayenne, no ulterior motive, no medical or hair appointment. Simply we were intrigued by the fact that the chef holds a Michelin star. It certainly doesn’t disappoint. Very refined beautiful cuisine, restrained decor, excellent table service. I was so impressed, we are celebrating my birthday there..

You should all realise I hope, that we do eat at home sometimes…crikey, I must fry those sausages for supper..lightly sauteed in a little ‘beurre de baratte’ I think…My own Michelin star can’t be too far away..

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