A lorra, lorra, chocca….

While having coffee and sampling a square or two from our new chocolate consignment, I mentioned to Susie that I’d forgotten to write about the selections of chocolate we had recently acquired.

If you recall, we had some bars of German high grade chocolate delivered last week. No, they didn’t come on a pallet!! This week we have a selection from Akessons :


Then the post lady kindly deposited these in our box today :


I know, I know, we sacrifice so much to bring you these valuable consumer reports, please don’t thank us, just think of the suffering we put ourselves through…

I didn’t really like the Belyzium (German) brand. The 100% cocoa one was too much (in fact it reminded me of Ex-Lax, not a happy memory). Others in the range were better, though I think Susie appreciated them more than me.

Akessons Milk chocolate was lovely, and the pepper flavoured ones surprisingly nicer than I expected. The 100% cocoa was palatable and not quite as harsh as the other German one.

The Grenada bars are very nice, strong but fruity. However, we’ve only sampled the 60% cocoa one. It would be interesting to use some of these in either a chocolate gateau or dessert, though I doubt they would last until the oven is up to temperature. It’s true, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

So here we are, a few grams heavier, conversant with various types of chocolate, fully trained and ready for our chocolate tour in Barcelona and a visit to the Chocolate Museum.

4 thoughts on “A lorra, lorra, chocca….

  1. margaret21

    I’m looking forward to following this blog, Pete. Can I sign up to get email notification of new posts though? I’m useless at just following via the ‘follow’ button, as I never check via WP what I’ve missed.

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