Because it’s Vitre…

We love Vitre (that’s pronounced Vitray as I can’t get the accents to work on this keyboard). No, to be more specific, we LOVE Vitre. It has a wonderful Medieval centre with houses dating from the early 16th century. There’s a remarkably preserved fairy tale chateau, with a fascinating museum and the town hall situated inside the courtyard. There may also be a nice restaurant for lunch but that’s purely coincidental……

OK, so when you’ve all stopped laughing at the thought that we could go anywhere without having lunch, I should mention L’Artisan. The food is wonderful (a chocolate dessert, yes!!!) and the service warm and welcoming.

L’Artisan Bistro

I don’t think we’ve ever been to Vitre without walking up to the chateau, though first you have to stop and look at ‘Hotel Du Bol D’Or’, a really remarkable building, though I can’t guarantee the cat will be on the wall…

Hotel Du Bol D’Or, complete with cat..

You wind your way up to the chateau along cobbled streets, lined with overhanging houses. True, one or two are tourist shops (you can even buy reproduction Lord Of The Rings armour) but largely they remain faithful to their origins. Vitre is very much a working town, split by the railway line that runs from Rennes to Paris, with it’s more modern residential and commercial areas to the south of that.

Resuming your rambles, in due time you come upon the chateau..

The chateau at Vitre

So, should you get a chance, don’t miss a visit here….and no, I don’t work for the Brittany Tourist Board.

2 thoughts on “Because it’s Vitre…

  1. margaret21

    It doesn’t matter that you can’t get the accents to work on your keyboard. You can get ‘funny’ symbols up on the WP keyboard as you’re composing. I only recently discovered this.


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